Leslie kingIn the environment of virtual worlds, since a few months, we have a newcomer : TanGLe Grid. Lokazionel met Leslie Kling, one of the three creators of this new virtual world.    > EN VERSION FRANCAISE.

Who are the creators of TangleGrid ?

«There are three owners. We each have a specialty. Tmac Carolina supports scripting and technical aspects...

Gary Kling develops web pages and building in world. As for me, I also build, but I assume all parts of public relations; advertising , marketing, site animation and networks but also welcoming new people into induction (mentor) program. We started this as a hobby and a business project.»

Why choosing the OpenSimulator technology?

«We looked at the side of Aurora (needs some more development) but we preferred OpenSimulator. It allowed us to quickly build our commercial grid and get open quicker.»

Have you ever created a society?

«No, it takes time. We're working on.»

In four months, how do you regions and residents?

«We currently have 39 active regions with 126 users.»


What is your business model?

«To date, we selling regions, we offer free shop and free apartments to help get people started. Check their website for information on regions and lots sales ). They also are busy with interactive games (puzzles, quiz...). Our project is to develop a great game, Pegasus Quest. We hope to have it completed by the end of December 2013.»

Will we meet monsters in Pegasus Quest .. ?

«No, rather it is a set of reflection, research... The aim will be to access a suite of five levels that will unlock if you earn enough points in the previous level . You will cross various and varied scenery : Fairyland , Egypt land, Winter land , Future City and Volcano land . You have to make puzzles like,  trivial pursuit, connect 4, memory game, tic-a-tac-toe just to name a few, but also to find items to concoct potions for example. Your scores will be recorded on a website. There are dangers on each level so be careful. The Pegasus Quest is based on a “Star Gate Theme” jumping threw wormhole gates from one world to the next.»

Winter land

You also have a surprise for fans of Star Trek...

«Yes, they have created a full starship called, StarShip TanGLe. It includes holodeck, bridge, engine room, 10 forward etc. It took long hours to create and it still needs some improvements it to make it better. Find out at TanGLe Grid. !»