VirtualChristineWho really is VirtualChristine ? Lokazionel asked her... And she shares with us some pictures of his favorite virtual worlds.

What is your main activities on OpenSim ?

«My main activities on OpenSim are travelling, blogging, and curating the ever expanding Arcadia Asylum Museums and Libraries on the Hypergrid, which will soon be 11 regions and a parcel across 3 grids!»

What is your aim ?

«My aim in my blog is to promote grids, events, and people that I think are interesting. Interesting for me means sharing, free culture, history, art, literature, social awareness, community spirit, education, issues that concern seniors, women and multiculturality, and enabling people such as myself, with limited technical and financial resources to have grand adventures out here in the free metaverse. My aim in starting the first Arcadia Asylum Museum on the hypergrid, was to promote a metaverse founder who is a woman of color, a senior, a free culture pioneer, and radical thinker, a great artist, and a great soul. And to spread her treasures across the free metaverse!»

What Grid do you use ?

«My home is on Craft Grid, which is the community that sort of found me when I first began exploring the hypergrid. I had no idea where I was and what I could do, and the Craft community really took me under thier collective wings and helped me start one of the most rewarding social experiences in my life. It is important to remember that back then, I was not a well known OpenSim blogger. I was a minor Second Life blogger who most people had never heard of. Craft is truly the Friendly Grid, warm and helpful to everyone. Lately I have expanded museum operations thanks to the generosity of my old friend Shaun Emerald of the Sanctuary Grid the best teleport hub on the hypergrid, who decided he wanted to expand his operations to include residents. That's right, up until now it was just him!! He has donated a staggering NINE regions to the museum, so I can move all kinds of stuff off of my poor stuffed Craft regions (Craft donated an extra region to the museum last year! Great people!) which will open up all kinds of possibilities for the project!! I am really excited!»

Tosha Imab

A piece from Tosha Tyran on Craft.

Why are you interested by virtual worlds ?

«I got interested in virtual worlds because my son wanted to «play» Second Life when he was nine. So I had to open an account and always sat with him, as we traveled about looking for Klingons and Mario. I saw immedietly that it was a kind of three dimensional internet, with all sorts of great possibilities. As an Californian living in Germany, I especially enjoyed things that reminded me of home, like the Grand Canyon, virtual Harlem and New Orleans, the Dia Dos Muertos Celebrations at the Smithsonian, and Asian Pacific Culture. I think virtuality is a wonderful hobby for the cultural and creative opportunities it offers, particularly in the free metaverse, which, along with the opensource internet, is completely organic in nature.»

IMAB delphi

A piece by Alizareen Goldflake, on Inworldz, at the old Library in Delphi.

Tell us about your blog ?

«My blog's title is virtualchristine's Second Life/OpenSim blog, an older woman's thoughts on the metaverse. I mostly write cultural pieces about OpenSim, with my main foucus on the hypergrid. I try to highlight things and people I find to be useful, interesting and fun, and to EXPLAIN OpenSim in simple terms, with humor. I also focus on free stuff, which includes homes and land, and try to promote cool events and venues. I have no interest in fashion, commercial endevours, explicit sexual content or gambling. I don't roleplay, but occasionally write about it as a spectator.»