Baromètre du jeu vidéo en FranceCommuniqué du Syndicat National du Jeu Vidéo

Le Syndicat National du Jeu Vidéo (SNJV) et l'institut d'études Idate annoncent la 2e edition du baromètre annuel du jeu vidéo qui sera publiée en octobre 2015.

Kevin M. KlercksHe is very active in virtual worlds, he sponsors video projects, he is interested in social activities and gossip Opensim... His name is Kevin M. Klerks and Lokazionel has met him.

Stephanie MeslerHow can a writer use virtual worlds ? Stephanie Mesler, an american writer, explains her point of view to Lokazionel.

What is your main activity in virtual world ?

«I run Freda's Place, a group in multiple virtual worlds, which encompasses all my activities in virtual worlds, across grid lines. The calendar for Freda's Place can be found here.

VirtualChristineWho really is VirtualChristine ? Lokazionel asked her... And she shares with us some pictures of his favorite virtual worlds.

What is your main activities on OpenSim ?

«My main activities on OpenSim are travelling, blogging, and curating the ever expanding Arcadia Asylum Museums and Libraries on the Hypergrid, which will soon be 11 regions and a parcel across 3 grids!»